Harrisburg Sale 2017

11Quan Blue ChipSunshine BeachAmora Hanover CPacerBlue Chip
20Lucius VorenusFather PatrickAvaliciousCTrotterCrawford
72Never Catch MeRoll With JoeHat Dance HanoverCPacerBlue Chip
80Angels N HeavenCredit WinnerI Wanted WingsFTrotterCrawford
92Qtheband BluechipBettor's DelightLight Of Day CPacerBlue Chip
97Qiss Me Blue ChipChapter SevenMake It Blue Chip FTrotterBlue Chip
105Qingling Blue ChipAmerican IdealMolly Can Do It CPacerBlue Chip
131Pink DandelionsMuscle HillRise N ShineFTrotterCrawford
132Rocknroll OliverArt MajorRocknroll OliviaCPacerCrawford
135Quiksilvr BluechipCredit WinnerSea RavenCTrotterBlue Chip
140ViceArt MajorShot Togo BluechipCPacerCrawford
159S MckeeArt MajorTaiya HanoverCPacerCrawford
163Qrown Blue ChipFather PatrickThe QueenCTrotterBlue Chip
187I'm Very SpecialAmerican IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacerBlue Chip
194PinknpureTrixtonZanna RoyalFTrotterCrawford
213Heart Of LindyArt MajorAntoinette HanoverCPacerLindy Farms
221Qrakmeup Blue ChipSunshine BeachFancy Creek Funny FPacerBlue Chip
237Quarter Blue ChipShadow PlayMichelles Song FPacerBlue Chip
256Qapricious BcSunshine BeachCapricious CPacerBlue Chip
263Seventh AvenueChapter SevenChippewa Street FTrotterBlue Chip
288Duel CitizenshipAmerican IdealDuel Cheeks FPacerBlue Chip
297Qartouche BluechipSweet LouAscending FPacerBlue Chip
305Quake Blue ChipArt MajorFox Valley Shaker CPacerBlue Chip
308Quatrain Blue ChipSomebeachsomewhereFrontierpan CPacerBlue Chip
327Donnie Blue ChipAndover HallI'll Bring Dessert CTrotterBlue Chip
328Quarrel Blue ChipTrixtonWinning JonlinFTrotterBlue Chip
329Qualify BluechipAmerican IdealImpatienceFPacerBlue Chip
368Magic Joe LindyAmerican IdealLindy's BanditaCPacerLindy Farms
370Quite Blue ChipArt MajorLotsa Matzah FPacerBlue Chip
372DudelookslikelindyCantab HallLove To LindyCTrotterLindy Farms
389Que Pasa Blue ChipChapter SevenNew Hampshire Girl CTrotterBlue Chip
412Queenace Blue ChipArt MajorBlackjack Princess CPacerBlue Chip
418Kerri Blue ChipRoll With JoeOffintothesunset FPacerBlue Chip
422Just Rev ItCantab HallReven ElevenFTrotterLindy Farms
448Queenb Blue ChipCredit WinnerRichesse Oblige S FTrotterBlue Chip
473Quincy Blue ChipChapter SevenSirenuse FTrotterBlue Chip
486Quartz Blue ChipSweet LouStefani Blue Chip FPacerBlue Chip
536Lindys TreasureExplosive MatterAlcarineCTrotterLindy Farms
557EquanimityExplosive MatterBest BelugaFTrotterBlue Chip
582Amanda Blue ChipChapter SevenCantata FTrotterBlue Chip
603Loveable LeoYankee GlideCunning VixenCTrotterLindy Farms
607Qaid Blue ChipCredit WinnerUh Oh Its Lindy CTrotterBlue Chip
616Lindy BoyExplosive MatterDreamgirl LindyCTrotterLindy Farms
644Quasar Blue ChipRoll With JoeFool That I Am FPacerBlue Chip
667Wuzzup MartyRock N Roll HeavenDarbie's Destiny CPacerBlue Chip
675Qredible Blue ChipRock N Roll HeavenIncredible Beauty FPacerBlue Chip
681Qui Gon Blue ChipArt MajorJk Geronimo CPacerBlue Chip
703Spirit Of LindyCrazedLindys LullabyFTrotterLindy Farms
707CredittomyfamilyCredit WinnerLive MoniFTrotterLindy Farms
710Lindy SplendorLucky ChuckyLove LockdownFTrotterLindy Farms
721Quest Blue ChipChapter SevenMars Bar FTrotterBlue Chip
733Lindy MisssunshineExplosive MatterMimosa LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
749Fantasy MakerAmerican IdealMy FantasyCPacerLindy Farms
750Lindys PizzazzExplosive MatterMy Lady LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
775Quinton Blue ChipBettor's DelightPark Avenue FPacerBlue Chip
793Quickcallblue ChipRoll With JoePut On A Clinic CPacerBlue Chip
799Quadruple BluechpRock N Roll HeavenRegal Wish FPacerBlue Chip
839Qalypso Blue ChipArt MajorSome Girls Do FPacerBlue Chip
843Run Lindy RunCantab HallTough Girl LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
850Brianna Blue ChipAndover HallStirling Colleen FTrotterBlue Chip
859Quantum Blue ChipAmerican IdealSouthwind Swallow FPacerBlue Chip
868Foot Loose LindyCrazedTeachmehowto LindyFTrotterLindy Farms
885Quebec Blue ChipSportswriterHaze's Zure Bet FPacerBlue Chip