Blue Chip

Goshen 2023

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
5GlitterballPaddock VideoDevious ManAll That SparklesCTrotter
7Michelons TitanPaddock VideoE L TitanRoyal MelbourneFTrotter
14Hunting For FaithPaddock VideoHuntsvilleBlind Faith FPacer
18Grit Man TitanPaddock VideoE L TitanCenta HanoverCTrotter
19California CharmPaddock VideoCaptain CrunchCharming HillFPacer
46Wiseguy Blue ChipPaddock VideoCourtly ChoiceAscending CPacer
68Wolf Of Blue ChipPaddock VideoAmerican IdealRamalama FPacer
74Wolfgang Blue ChipPaddock VideoCourtly ChoiceHot List CPacer
75Much ObligedPaddock VideoSix PackRichesse Oblige SCTrotter
77Paya La DivaPaddock VideoDevious ManPaya La RentaFTrotter

Harrisburg 2023

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
29My Debt CollecterPaddock VideoChapter SevenMagic PrestoFTrotter
92Witness Blue ChipPaddock VideoGimpanzeeSouthwind VenusFTrotter
109Wattage Blue ChipPaddock VideoPapi Rob HanoverElektra KingFPacer
122Big City ElwoodPaddock VideoChapter SevenAnnaliinaCTrotter
147Tactfully AcquiredPaddock VideoTactical LandingBloomfieldcantiflyFTrotter
179Wedlock Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's WishHeavenly BrideCPacer
181Warlock Blue ChipPaddock VideoFather PatrickHerbie's NieceCTrotter
213Wistful Blue ChipPaddock VideoGreenshoeLima NoveltyFTrotter
242Whiskey Blue ChipPaddock VideoStag PartySunnynseventyfiveFPacer
259Waffle Blue ChipPaddock VideoSweet LouVicinityCPacer
260Face The New TimePaddock VideoFace Time BourbonOblivionCTrotter
289Wired Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's DelightShaka Blue ChipFPacer
313William Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenQueendomCTrotter
336Winston Blue ChipPaddock VideoHe's WatchingMolly Can Do ItCPacer
343Wildfire Blue ChipPaddock VideoSix PackTamgo DonatoCTrotter
374Whirl Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenNoreaster BluechipCTrotter
404Wondrous Blue ChipPaddock VideoFather PatrickDunk The DonatoCTrotter
423WinchesterbluechipPaddock VideoAmerican IdealBathshebaCPacer
445Windemere BluechipPaddock VideoBettor's DelightCaroline HanoverFPacer
490Liams AcePaddock VideoCaptain CrunchAlhambraCPacer
516Ghaaliya MilPaddock VideoGreenshoeFrisky MagicFTrotter
528Why Not Blue ChipPaddock VideoBettor's WishIncredible BeautyCPacer
550Start CountingPaddock VideoCourtly ChoiceTatiana SeelsterCPacer
556BrowerPaddock VideoAmerican IdealSunshine InnCPacer
588Wicked Blue ChipPaddock VideoMcwickedPeppermint PattiFPacer
630Wapiti Blue ChipPaddock VideoInternational MoniMake It Blue ChipCTrotter
640Winx Blue ChipPaddock VideoMuscle MassGrand CanyonFTrotter
660Wendell Blue ChipPaddock VideoGreen Manalishi SAurova HanoverCTrotter
702Winona Blue ChipPaddock VideoShadow PlayStefani Blue ChipFPacer
706Witching Blue ChipPaddock VideoDownbytheseasideJenny's TerrorFPacer
713Shadow PvPaddock VideoAmerican IdealPop WriterCPacer
738Winning Blue ChipPaddock VideoAlways B MikiVino And FormaggioFPacer
758Cafe SoloPaddock VideoAmerican IdealRockn OpiumFPacer
775Wordplay Blue ChipPaddock VideoE L TitanCredittomyfamilyCTrotter
778Wassail Blue ChipPaddock VideoCourtly ChoiceBaccara HanoverFPacer
811Magic BrilliancePaddock VideoE L TitanAlana's BrillianceCTrotter

Lexington Select 2023

HipNamePaddock VideoInspection VideoSireDamSexGait
60GetastarfromtheskyPaddock VideoMuscle HillSeviyorumCTrotter
204Wisteria Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenDefiantsnowfashion FTrotter
217Widow Blue ChipPaddock VideoCaptaintreacherousQueen Of Darkness FPacer
252Wanda Blue ChipPaddock VideoMuscle HillOh My Goodness FTrotter
345Widget Blue ChipPaddock VideoChapter SevenSupergirl Riley FTrotter
507Wayward Blue ChipPaddock VideoTall Dark Stranger Warrawee Sunshine FPacer
549Warrior Blue ChipPaddock VideoGreen Manalishi SAndover The TopCTrotter
884Woodrow Blue ChipPaddock VideoLather UpOnassis Blue Chip CPacer
901WunderkindbluechipPaddock VideoJk EndofaneraSeen At Rio Deo FPacer
909Whelk Blue ChipPaddock VideoRockin ImageShoreline CPacer