Blue Chip

Harrisburg Sale 2018

15Brooklyn Blue Chip Credit Winner Can Can Frisco FTrotter
42R Maddy Blue Chip American Ideal Frontierpan CPacer
48I Can Cancan Roll With Joe Hat Dance Hanover FPacer
54Candy Blue Chip Chapter Seven I'll Bring Dessert FTrotter
78Ravishing Bluechip Art Major Light Of Day FPacer
85Rasputin Blue Chip Bettor's Delight Lyford Cay CPacer
89Rachnid Blue Chip Andover Hall Make It Blue Chip FTrotter
99Romanee Blue Chip Cantab Hall Munis Blue Chip CTrotter
125Rommie Blue Chip Art Major Shadowmisty FPacer
150Yer So Bad Roll With Joe Vanite Semalu CPacer
161Super Bowl Ace American Ideal Ace Of Pace CPacer
163Redemptionbluechip Roll With Joe Advantest CPacer
194Ideal Dancer American Ideal Shawnee Dancer FPacer
211Brittany Blue Chip Credit Winner Cantata FTrotter
212Revocable Bluechip Sunshine Beach Capricious FPacer
224Ds Ceaser Credit Winner Curly Top CTrotter
226Jojo Blue Chip Roll With Joe Offintothesunset CPacer
231Rooney Blue Chip Trixton She's Nutz CTrotter
263Rambler Blue Chip Credit Winner Glowngold CTrotter
278Risque Blue Chip Art Major Impatience FPacer
311Rodeo Blue Chip Sweet Lou Lotsa Matzah CPacer
325Reagan Blue Chip American Ideal Day Blue Chip CPacer
347R Herbie Blue Chip Here Comes Herbie New Hampshire Girl CTrotter
352Robmotion Bluechip Sunshine Beach Oceans Motion FPacer
354Roc Solid Bluechip Roll With Joe Cyber Terror FPacer
383Robin Blue Chip Chapter Seven Richesse Oblige S FTrotter
386Raptor Blue Chip Shadow Play Rollnback To Me CPacer
395Roulette Blue Chip Art Major Blackjack Princess FPacer
397Reggae Blue Chip American Ideal Michelles Song CPacer
416Alexa Blue Chip Muscle Mass Stirling Colleen FTrotter
423Rukiddnme Bluechip Muscle Mass Uh Oh Its Lindy CTrotter
426Romance Blue Chip Roll With Joe Amora Hanover FPacer
440Robusto Blue Chip Art Major Ascending CPacer
466Valhalla Chapter Seven Yankee Halla FTrotter
480Sweet Allure Mach Three Sweet Hedge FPacer
494Follow Your Heart Rock N Roll Heaven Sunduel A CPacer
569Cheek This Out Art Major Duel Cheeks CPacer
576Raquel Blue Chip Roll With Joe Exclamation FPacer
592Teixeira Trixton Gammy's Girl CTrotter
639Roundtree Bluechip Sunshine Beach Lillian Ford FPacer
656Malvolio Bettor's Delight Malabrigo CPacer
660Rapunzel Blue Chip American Ideal Regal Wish FPacer
685Radiant Blue Chip Roll With Joe Incredible Beauty CPacer
719Rain Man Blue Chip Sunshine Beach Peppermint Patti CPacer
742Retro Blue Chip Roll With Joe Real Reflection FPacer
746Kaizen Muscles Yankee Massive Drama FTrotter
788Revenant Blue Chip American Ideal Stefani Blue Chip CPacer

Lexington Sale 2018

9Destiny Blue ChipChapter SevenChasin Clouds AwayFTrotter
121Rogerthat BluechipCaptaintreacherousRamalamaCPacer
151Realdeal Blue ChipChapter SevenSouthwind CatlinCTrotter
369Rasta Blue ChipHere Comes HerbieWinning JonlinFTrotter
431Reba Blue ChipChapter SevenNatashas KissFTrotter
558Its Playoff TimeSportswriterRaver HanoverCPacer
640Ridicule Blue ChipMcardleFancy Creek FunnyCPacer

Goshen 2018

6Scarletandseven Chapter SevenScarlet FeverCTrotter
10Rolln Luv Bluechip Roll With JoeGlam CamFPacer
11Special Graduate Art MajorSpecial SweetheartFPacer
18Opportunity Lucky ChuckyRoyal IcingCTrotter
19Special Achiever American IdealI'm Just SpecialFPacer
70Rembrandt BluechipArt MajorGrace KCPacer
72Ragn Cajn BluechipArt MajorJk GeronimoFPacer
78Rojas Blue Chip American IdealSouthwind SwallowFPacer
82Rearview Blue ChipAmerican IdealMud Pie HanoverCPacer
104Really Blue Chip Credit WinnerMuscles SecretFTrotter
105Remy Blue Chip Roll With JoePark AvenueFPacer