Walnridge Farm

Harrisburg Sale 2019

12Incaseyoudidntknow Always B Miki In Deep Thought FPacer
26Hill Street Blaze Muscle Hill Louise Kemp FTrotter
46Go West Miki Always B Miki Out West Somewhere CPacer
66Wet My Whistle Muscle Hill Slightly Tipsy FTrotter
83Captain Fireball Captaintreacherous Sweet Paprika CPacer
87Anna Bolena Kadabra Keystone Taylor FTrotter
94Caruso Father Patrick Tosca CTrotter
120Backstreet Girl Muscle Hill Backstreet Hanover FTrotter
180Madama Butterfly Muscle Hill Harley Momma FTrotter
220Imaginary Line Betting Line Lets Imagine CPacer
275In High Cotton Somebeachsomewhere Olivette Hanover FPacer
341Callas Southwind Frank Tactical Caviar FTrotter
346Sangria Julie American Ideal Thumbprint FPacer
355Maddalena Chapter Seven Traviata FTrotter
395Red Delicious Credit Winner Apple Plush CTrotter
428Prince Yamadori Cantab Hall Cheer For The Cats CTrotter
441Crazy Cool Art Major Crazy Luv Bug FPacer
528Society Jill Sunshine Beach Jimmy The Terror FPacer
540Sunshine Ell Sunshine Beach Kencee Angels FPacer
546Ismene Kadabra Latte Hall FTrotter
571Dancethenightaway A Rocknroll Dance Mikayla Rose FPacer
591Space Force American Ideal Native Daughter CPacer
679Last Red Cent Art Major Suze Hanover FPacer
710Lucky Elite Sunshine Beach Twin B Elite CPacer
726Year Of The Bride Donato Hanover Wedding Dress FTrotter
786Bobby Romance Well Said Bet On Hill CPacer
789Bettor Speak Up Artspeak Bettoronthebeach CPacer
854Art Of Endurance Artspeak Enduring Delight CPacer
912AriaAndover HallTrust N OoneFTrotter
918ClemenceEl TitanCameo CreditFTrotter