Hunterton Farm

Harrisburg Sale 2019

56Illicit Funds Kadabra Pure Ivory FTrotter
67Smashing Beauty Southwind Frank Smash Hit FTrotter
78Stunning Upset Always B Miki Stunning Beauty CPacer
112The Ruthless Frank Southwind Frank Amorous Flirt CTrotter
182Win Place'n Show Bettor's Delight Hilarious CPacer
233Magical Muscle Man Muscle Hill Magical Steph CTrotter
281My Girl Pat Always B Miki Parlee Beach FPacer
289Whole Nine Yards Creatine Pine For Her CTrotter
322Sona's Hat Trick Father Patrick Sonalona Hanover CTrotter
358Tymal Twyla Muscle Mass Tymal Illbthere FTrotter
378Here To Fore Trixton Acapulco Hall CTrotter
398Jollity Roll With Joe Armbro Bianca CPacer
411Muscles Mahal S Muscle Hill Taj Mahal FTrotter
431Tymal Hocus Pocus Kadabra Chivaree Hanover FTrotter
447Ibrahimovic Sisu S Ready Cash Dear Abs CTrotter
521Tymal Tourist Bettor's Delight Instant Respect FPacer
534Tymal Highlight Muscle Mass J M Aggie FTrotter
561Tymal Showtime Sportswriter Major Girl FPacer
582Baby Shark He's Watching Ms Ladyshark FPacer
584Amour's Special Father Patrick Muscle Amour FTrotter
613Tymal Terror Muscle Mass Patsy's Point CTrotter
639Timeless Kemp Muscle Mass Sarafina Hall FTrotter
674Coxcomb Sweet Lou Summertime Lea CPacer
678Havana Moon Muscle Mass Sunshine Glide FTrotter
698Tiamogonedancen A Rocknroll Dance Tiamo FPacer
732Bat Wing Trixton Wingbat CTrotter
742Yoga Delight Creatine Yoga FTrotter
752Tymal Tempo Kadabra All Filled Up CTrotter
756Squable Trixton Angelette Hanover CTrotter
765Stout Hearted Sweet Lou Arbeedo FPacer
797Dash One Artspeak Bluecollar Hanover FPacer
810Ardent Sweet Lou Calchips Artist CPacer
812Can Of Trix Trixton Canoli CTrotter
826Tymal Chrome Muscle Mass Conway Connie CTrotter
880Hes Touring He's Watching Grand Tour CPacer
909BettorbegoneBettors DelightShe’s Long GoneCPacer
919WauseonRacing HillCatch Me KatieCPacer

Lexington Sale 2019

2PresumptionSouthwind FrankHarbour BelleFTrotter
4Hilltop MistressMuscle HillDancehall MistressFTrotter
5ClassicistCaptaintreacherousMother Of ArtFPacer
7IneffableCantab HallJolene JoleneFTrotter
24JuntoMuscle HillMeucci MadnessCTrotter
25Wicked WaysCaptaintreacherousMiss ScarlettFPacer
26Savannah QCaptaintreacherousTeenage PaigeFPacer
30IrreverentSomebeachsomewhereHigher And HigherCPacer
37VenerateLove YouPeaceful KempCTrotter
39My AbigailBar HoppingPleasing LadyFTrotter
40Commanding OfficerCaptaintreacherousTurnoffthelightsCPacer
41Beach PartySomebeachsomewherePrecocious BeautyCPacer
42SardonicCaptaintreacherousPreppy Party GirlCPacer
47Walking On A DreamMuscle HillSatin PillowsFTrotter
50ServicebeforeselfTrixtonSelf IndulgentCTrotter
68One Alpha OneFather PatrickMission BriefFTrotter
69Show StopCaptaintreacherousThe Show ReturnsCPacer
71ExploitSomebeachsomewhereTime On My HandsCPacer
72BeachheadSomebeachsomewherePrecious BeautyCPacer
87The VigBetting LineArtistic VisionCPacer
90EmissaryCaptaintreacherousDolphins Can TalkFPacer
92PumaSomebeachsomewhereBaby CatCPacer
93To The HiltChapter SevenBatoutahillCTrotter
102Cricket HillMuscle HillCocktail HourCTrotter
103Senor CoolCaptaintreacherousCpaCPacer
104Intelligent AmCaptaintreacherousCredit RatingCPacer
106Ivanhoe Sisu NoReady CashHey GorgeousCTrotter
108Need Not NowCantab HallDemoiselle HanoverCTrotter
111High MindedCaptaintreacherousAuniqueaquistionFPacer
160Tart TongueSouthwind FrankMariongotchocolateCTrotter
166Always Be MineAlways B MikiMilliondollarsmileFPacer
178DiffidentFather PatrickNoble MissFTrotter
180Cartier BiMuscle HillOctavia BiCTrotter
182Advance ManSweet LouOn The CatwalkCPacer
183Snuffy SmithCaptaintreacherousOogle GoogleCPacer
184Bad LiarAlways B MikiOoh Shesa BadlandsFPacer
217Irresistable AmAlways B MikiSome Fancy FillyFPacer
222Muscle BuilderMuscle HillStage FrightCTrotter
228Ice HouseAlways B MikiTessa HanoverCPacer
230FulsomeBetting LineTriple V HanoverCPacer
247RableSomebeachsomewhereAl's GirlFPacer
254Iluvu AmSomebeachsomewhereArt SaleFPacer
256Rau RuBettor's DelightBand Of AngelsCPacer
259Give WayAlways B MikiBenearthebeachCPacer
262RedemptorCantab HallBlessedCTrotter
275VenturesomeKadabraChristina MCTrotter
285Midwind DannyCantab HallDanica HallCTrotter
290BraemarBetting LineDon't You SmileCPacer
307BelieverCantab HallGraceful TouchCTrotter
315Melt With YouAmerican IdealHobe SoundCPacer
323Treacherous GirlCaptaintreacherousJesse's LadyFPacer
359Sunny CrockettFather PatrickMoonlight In MiamiCTrotter
370WillametteBar HoppingOnly LonelyFTrotter
371Capri BiSouthwind FrankPalm Beach BiFTrotter
374Perfect RecordTrixtonPerfect BeautyCTrotter
375Captain TerrorCaptaintreacherousPink TerrorCPacer
416Canta BellaCantab HallWinkys VoloFTrotter
428RamsteinCantab HallAngelina ChipFTrotter
441One Trix PonyTrixtonCalchips FinisherFTrotter
448AvenirMuscle HillChic ChickFTrotter
449Hot To ChannelAlways B MikiCity DelightFPacer
460Spit And VinegarSouthwind FrankDiana HallFTrotter
464Carolina BiDonato HanoverDream ChildFTrotter
468BequeathBetting LineEndowmentCPacer
492Frank DefordSportswriterHot LegsCPacer
496ImabeachboySunshine BeachImawesternladyCPacer
499Nez PerceSouthwind FrankInvincible DreamFTrotter
508Dancinginthedark MReadly ExpressLeilaCTrotter
510TarkioBetting LineLovely AssistantCPacer
517TavaAmerican IdealMajor HarmonyFPacer
527Officer's ClubCaptaintreacherousMoonlit DragonCPacer
529PugnaciousKadabraMuscle Baby DollCTrotter
532ThemysteryisoverArtspeakMystery GameCPacer
536Iglare AmSouthwind FrankNoblesse Blue ChipFTrotter
544Timo KempTrixtonPassport To LoveCTrotter
548Cover Girl Bi ItMuscle HillPrincess GrifFTrotter
554Immigrant Am SSouthwind FrankRoyale For YouCTrotter
563Teresa KempCantab HallSmarty Had A PartyFTrotter
574PrestoTrixtonSusie's MagicFTrotter
580Tymal KingpinKadabraTymal TempestCTrotter
591Killer InstinctSouthwind FrankWheely QuickCTrotter
596Taylor KempTrixtonAbiona HanoverCTrotter
598Like Wind HallSouthwind FrankAlix HallCTrotter
603AhoyCaptaintreacherousAnother DelightFPacer
611Cadillac MountainE L TitanBah HahbahCTrotter
617Bettor SunSunshine BeachBettor Think TwiceCPacer
629Father CorbyFather PatrickCartier HallCTrotter
635Chocolate DreamCantab HallChocolate HanoverFTrotter
644Pass KeyCantab HallDiamond PeakCTrotter
645Tymal BlitzKadabraDoc's BabyFTrotter
650Queen LizzyDonato HanoverExquisite CharmFTrotter
677Funky BiscuitAndover HallLabrynth SeelsterCTrotter
680MotleyMuscle MassArmbro WaikikiCTrotter
688Lolo TrailExplosive MatterMachitaCTrotter
703Speed MattersExplosive MatterMy Lady LindyCTrotter
716Tantrix KempTrixtonPaladinFTrotter
723AvidHe's WatchingRodenaCPacer
724Seaside HillRacing HillSebring Blue ChipCPacer
730LockboxWishing StoneSpringaroundCTrotter
744PerronMy MvpLong Island TeaCTrotter
750On The Double TConway HallAbigail SavageCTrotter
751Tymal TantrumMuscle MassTymal AbracadabraCTrotter
753My Credit DreamsCredit WinnerAlabama HaloFTrotter
756Highly AcclaimedTrixtonAlways YoursFTrotter
757ArgentoDonato HanoverAngela HallCTrotter
762Awesome TrixTrixtonAwesome ChrissyFTrotter
767Race Over HillRacing HillBeach Party HillCPacer
780Big Boss HillRacing HillCosmo Blue ChipCPacer
788Cantabs DreamgirlCantab HallDreamgirl LindyFTrotter
794R B GPet RockFirst DrawFPacer
796Sheriff SvenExplosive MatterGaelicCTrotter

Ohio Jug Sale 2019

36ImalovelyladyMy MvpLove My MusclesFTrotter
47Margin Of ErrorRacing HillMargin Blue ChipFPacer
86GrafenbergTriumphant CaviarPrettysydney RidgeCTrotter
90Olde Towne EastDeep ChipRare GiftFTrotter
120High St CorridorRacing HillStudent DriverCPacer
122Oakridge BabyCash HallSugar N ChipsFTrotter
152Fire CrossTriumphant CavierClassical MaryFTrotter
190Ti' PunchMy MvpBrandy SlushFTrotter
195Gallant StarWell SaidCanary IslandCPacer
200TipplerRacing HillChampale Blue ChipFPacer
204In CloverRacing HillBe Bop A LullaCTrotter
222The Short NorthMcardleDream CardFPacer

Blooded Horse Sale 2019

80Don’t TripNob Hill HighLife’s A TripFPacer
96Oh MommyNob Hill HighMommy Robin QFPacer
105San FrannyNob Hill HighOdds On HemeraFPacer
146TendernobNob Hill HighTender SpiritFPacer
222High Kitty KittyNob Hill HighKitty Kitty BangFPacer